Aimee and the baby

Sunday, January 28, 2007


My pretty cake....WELCOME ISAIAH

My gifts before opening!

Me holding Baby Dylan...isnt he cute!

One of Isaiah's outfits!

And finally....all my presents! I did pretty well!!

I had a blast at my shower and want to thank Natalee for all her hard work! It was great!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

I got my car seat and stroller yesterday! It is so pretty, I am so excited about it! I know these are crappy photos but it is a lovely chocolate brown and a blue/green color! Very cool!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Two posts in one day...WOW!

I forgot to post a pic of Isaiahs bedding so here it is. The set I was orginally going to purchase got discontinued...figures lol...but this set is cute.

This is Isaiahs crib and bedding. My bed as you see in the pic has pink sheets and a creme comforter...not so good with a baby! So I have since bought myself a new bedding set that goes with his colors and is kid friendly.

But for now here is his stuff!!

33 wks I am!

I am 33 wks already, it has gone by so fast. It has been an awesome pregnancy up to this point but I think it is all downhill from here. I feel yucky and I am so emotional. It seems like everything just hits me so hard. I am tired of the bad weather, I havent seen Ike in almost two weeks, I had to postpone my Baby is just like everything is going wrong!

I know most of it is just being pregnant and emotional and will go away soon enough. I am trying to stay positive because it could be A LOT worse. So, positive I am!

Here is my latest pic taken today by the lovely Nat.

This pic is of 31wks and then 33wks. It totally amazed me how big I have gotten in the last two weeks. This is why I feel yucky lol!

Sorry I havent been posting often, I always forget about my blog until I start to read Nats. So basically we can just blame it on her! J/K

My shower that was supposed to be this weekend will be next weekend and I am excited! I will have tons of pics and will gladly share them with you all!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Third Ultrasound today!

At our last us (18wks) the baby had a bit of fluid in his kidney, so they scheduled another one so they could check it again.

His kidneys were looking fine and he is still a HE! Dad was proud of his giant scrotum lol! He already has hair on his little head, well, I say little but he actually measured big this time. He measured 4lbs 7 oz and Feb 22nd due date.......we arent due til March 6. So I guess I will talk to the dr. about what that means and if anything is changing. All in all, it was very exciting to see the little guy. He was sucking and playing with his little toes. CUTE!

Oh, and my glider came in and I love it!!!!!