Aimee and the baby

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Third Ultrasound today!

At our last us (18wks) the baby had a bit of fluid in his kidney, so they scheduled another one so they could check it again.

His kidneys were looking fine and he is still a HE! Dad was proud of his giant scrotum lol! He already has hair on his little head, well, I say little but he actually measured big this time. He measured 4lbs 7 oz and Feb 22nd due date.......we arent due til March 6. So I guess I will talk to the dr. about what that means and if anything is changing. All in all, it was very exciting to see the little guy. He was sucking and playing with his little toes. CUTE!

Oh, and my glider came in and I love it!!!!!


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