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Thursday, January 18, 2007

33 wks I am!

I am 33 wks already, it has gone by so fast. It has been an awesome pregnancy up to this point but I think it is all downhill from here. I feel yucky and I am so emotional. It seems like everything just hits me so hard. I am tired of the bad weather, I havent seen Ike in almost two weeks, I had to postpone my Baby is just like everything is going wrong!

I know most of it is just being pregnant and emotional and will go away soon enough. I am trying to stay positive because it could be A LOT worse. So, positive I am!

Here is my latest pic taken today by the lovely Nat.

This pic is of 31wks and then 33wks. It totally amazed me how big I have gotten in the last two weeks. This is why I feel yucky lol!

Sorry I havent been posting often, I always forget about my blog until I start to read Nats. So basically we can just blame it on her! J/K

My shower that was supposed to be this weekend will be next weekend and I am excited! I will have tons of pics and will gladly share them with you all!

Have a great weekend!


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