Aimee and the baby

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well I finally threw up and it was awful. It happened yesterday at 10am, I hadnt eaten anything yet and I was drinking Crystal Light Fruit Punch. I was at the front desk talking to Nat when it just hit me. I made to the bathroom but barely in the stall before I let rip! It looked like I had bled everywhere. Bless Nat's heart, she cleaned it all up including my pee. Yeah, I peed my pants. I couldnt help it and luckily I was wearing a skirt so it didnt get my clothes. I did, however, go commando for the rest of the a skirt! I will remember to bring a change of clothes from now on. It was an awful feeling and I hope to never do it again. I think it was just because I hadnt eaten, so now I am making sure to eat breakfast. I have been good so far today!

The job is working out pretty good. We basically just vacuum for 3 hours and the extra money is going to be great! I will finally have all my loans paid off and start the new year with two of my New Year's resolutions fulfilled! On top of that, I am having a baby, which I get more and more excited about as time goes by.


At 3:32 PM, Blogger Paradise19 said...

Oh, bless your heart. Well the nausea fairy has claimed another victim. What a good friend Natalee is. I remember a similar incident, it was about mid-morning also. I was pregnant for the first time with Caleb, but unlike you I had already been plagued with morning sickness since, like, gestation -2 weeks. Hehe. So I drank this yummy stuff called V8 Splash for my mid-morning "snack," and it was a nice shade of red, of course. Well, the nausea hit full force and I sprinted to the bathroom just in time... but not enough time to make it to the toilet! Yep, I tried to aim for the sink but uh, there was some splashing... DJ was so sweet, he came and cleaned up after me... although he wasn't so happy when he kept noticing more and more red splashes on the walls, corners, floors, ceiling - haha, just kidding. The drink was called V8 Splash for a reason, I guess. Woo hoo for you going commando! I hope that was the first and last time you threw up - I only threw up once with Leah!


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