Aimee and the baby

Monday, September 25, 2006

Finding out the sex...

A week from tomorrow we are having an ultrasound done to find out this baby sex. Ike and I both would like a girl but, of course, we would be happy with a boy as well! I am beyond excited! I will finally be able to buy clothing and all the numerous things we will need. Besides all that, this will definitely make it more real for both me and Ike.

I have been having pains on the sides of my stomach, feels like I am pulling a muscle. I looked into it and found out that at the start of the second trimester you will have Round Ligament Pain. So basically my stomach is going to FINALLY start growing. I am not showing much, so I just look like I am a little thicker in the middle lol, if that. I am excited to finally have a belly.

Anyways, thats the news for now!


At 10:26 AM, Blogger Natalee said...

Whatever. I've totally been noticing your belly! Pretty soon, everyone else will too :P !!


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